10 Things to consider befor giving out your project work

Don’t fall victim and blame your self at the last minute so you dont carry over your project work which will make pay extra school fees take note of this

  1.  don’t give your project work to some one that is not competent because of your course rep or price.
  2. ensure the person show you samples of work done if possible the websites and also uniport format
  3. ensure the person understands your topic very well
  4. enusre the person have an office were you go any time to meet him or her
  5.  ensure the person have done work for your supervisor befor
  6. ensure you don’t pay all your money when the work has not reach chapter three, else it should be on trust else trust no one when money is involve.  ensure you pay as the work progress
  7. make sure the person specialize on computer science research work and can implement the proposed system
  8. don’t compromise your project work due to defense day,
  9. is not were you did IT you do project understand the both idea, paying lecturer money for already made work can make you score 30 in defense day or cancel your entire work by external examiner
  10.  make sure all your references  included on your work are on the references page and also ensure you chose topic you can defend. select one here SERCH TOPICS

NOTE: note every researcher can computer science work due to its software design part

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