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Lecture timetable is a temporal arrangement of a set of lectures and classrooms in which all given constraints are satisfied. Creating such timetables manually is complex and time-consuming process. By automating this process with computer assisted timetable generator can save a lot of precious time of administrators who are involved in creating and managing course timetables. There have been many attempts to address this problem using integer programming, graph colouring and several heuristic search methods. However, since each university has its own timetable setting requirements, it is difficult to develop a general solution method. This project work attempts to solve the lecture timetabling problem of the faculty of science, University of Port Harcourt using PHP as the programming language of choice, the performance was evaluated using data obtained from the faculty. The result shows that, it is capable of producing good results in a reasonable amount of time. It is hoped that with this development, academic planning officers in the faculty will find it easy and exciting to readily come up with semester Time tables.





1.1 Background of Study

The education system in Nigeria has gone so complex that an automated system may be required to automate certain aspects of the academic activities. 

Time table problem is a typical scheduling problem that is clearly seen as a problem in every academic institute. System Automation has been seen as a way of enhancing Manual activities, the challenges of developing a reliable system that will deliver its purpose in timetabling has been a major challenge.

it is an evident that Manual methods are mostly seen with many problems like clashes in hall usage etc. with automation those setbacks are either eliminated or reduced to minimal level.

Timetabling is concern with all activities regard to producing a schedule that must be able to handle its challenges. 

A key factor in running an educational centre or basically an academic environment is the need for a well-planned time management.

With the recent advancement in information technology system automation has help in so many ways as relation to time management. Every academic session tertiary institutions are faced with difficult task of drawing up academic timetables that meets the need of courses being offered by the department at large. 

Timetable development process starts when Head of Departments provide the information to be used for timetable scheduling in a particular semester such as Examinable courses in a particular semester. Dates for lectures to be held, Specified time for lectures, venue of the scheduled lectures. 

Academic timetable is very crucial but it consumes time due to its frequent and continues usage among higher institution of learning according to (Jose, 2008). 

The mode of the timetable determines the quality of time that will be used by lecturers and students in relation to academic activities.

Time Scheduling is one of the important tasks that we encountered in our daily life situations.

Solving timetable scheduling problems is tedious and time consuming. In real world application, the participants to the timetable scheduling have more challenging task which make the search for an optimal solution to solve the problem.

There so many problems associated with time scheduling as related to academic activities. In order to solve this problem for the department of computer Science University of port-Harcourt, timetable scheduling has to be automated in other to help the situation. Computer-base approach wills the department to automate the manual task and help to make it work efficiently.

In educational timetable scheduling there are many problems that need to be tackled in order to develop a clear solution which has made it a very hard task to accomplish. Hence, so many methods have been used to solve the problem

Time table Scheduling conflicts arise in different areas across human endeavour not only in schools both in organizations.


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