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  Expert system
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An expert system is a software system that attempts to reproduce the performance of one or more human experts, most commonly in a specific problem domain using a knowledge base rules. Medical emergency response is a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation which requires immediate action. Medical emergency response is a term for a series of guidelines, appropriate actions and precautions to be taken in the event of a medical related issue during emergency. This project expert system for medical emergency response using a knowledge based rule will serve as a referencing tool for medical personnel and aid people acquire self support, during emergency. This research examines the practical application of an expert system in determination and proffering solution to the delays in urgent response need from people with emergency cases. In this study an expert system is developed with a knowledge based system. The proposed system was developed using PHP programming language and MySql database, the proposed system adopted RAPID Application Development methodology (RAD). With this system expert, patients and medical practitioners can have a dependable medical assistance which will help them define the problems and determine what knowledge is available to solve the problems which is the sole purpose of this study in medical emergency cases.


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