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Electronic messaging has become an essential method of communication that is accessible to all users of mobile and internet enabled device all over the world, the use of electronic messaging system using API can help to facilitate timely and efficient communications between the lecturers and students in the university of portharcourt. This research work has enlightened more on the concept of portal development, electronic messaging system and desirable features of portals. Both existing and new systems are carefully analyzed and more advantage of the new one over the old indicate that the problems encountered in the existing system such as untimely delivery of messages, unsecured information and unreliable storage will be brought to rest. The methodology adopted in this research work is Rapid Application Development Methodology (RADM), while carrying analysis for the design and implementation of the proposed system both primary and secondary method of data collection was used. The proposed system was implemented using HTML, CSS, and PHP programming language, content management system (cms) and mysql database. We have successfully developed an electronic messaging system known bulk sms portal using Application program interface to connect to global sms gateway which is controlled in Nigeria by NCC, result obtained shows that bulk sms portal could help the university of port harcourt in information dissemination with just one click to pass information to the phone numbers of the students registered on the portals





1.1 Background to Study

The Internet has become available to schools nationwide and to people in their own homes. The use of mobile devices has increased rapidly over the years, particularly during the last decade. These wireless devices were initially started as devices to store personal information. Electronic messaging including email, instant messaging and sending an SMS will aid in teaching, learning, research, communication and administration in any tertiary institution when deployed according to Bellmen, (2010).

Electronic massaging using Application program interface (API) has become a popular wireless service throughout the world as it facilitates a user to be in touch with any mobile phone subscriber anywhere in the world, instantaneously and without any hassle Grillo et al., (2008).

 Adding text messaging functionality to mobile devices began in the early 1980s. The first action plan of the Group GSM was approved in December 1982, requesting that, "The services and facilities offered in the public switched telephone networks and public data networks should be available in the mobile system. This plan included the exchange of text messages either directly between mobile stations, or transmitted via message handling systems in use at that time. The electronic messaging system such as short messaging service (SMS) concept was developed in the Franco-German GSM cooperation in 1984 by Fried helm Hillebrand & Bernard Ghillebaert. The device is optimized for telephony, since this was identified as its main application by interfacing through a gateway. The key idea for SMS was to use this telephone-optimized system, and to transport messages on the signaling paths needed to control the telephone traffic during periods when no signaling traffic existed. In this way, unused resources in the system could be used to transport messages at minimal cost. 

Short message service (SMS) will play an important role in the future business areas, which are popularly known as m-commerce, mobile banking, governmental use, and daily life communication. A new network element required was a specialized short message service center, and enhancements were required to the radio capacity and network transport infrastructure to accommodate growing electronic messaging service traffic using API Siponen & Oinas-Kukkonen, (2007).

Portal has in the recent years become an increasingly popular term being mentioned and discussed in the IT sector and many organizations. In the late 1990s the web portal was a web IT buzzword. After the proliferation of web browsers in the late-1990s many companies tried to build or acquire messaging portals to attempt to obtain a share of an Internet market through API integration. The web portal gained special attention because it was, for many users, the starting point of their web browsing if it was set as their home page Oinas-Kukkonen, (2007). 

Electronic messaging such as Email has become an essential method of communication that is accessible to all Department staffs, lecturers and student. The institution encourages and supports the use of electronic messaging to facilitate timely and efficient communications however, there are some basic principles that govern the use of electronic communication and data distribution. 

A world of information is now readily accessible, the World Wide Web began at the CERN, the Swiss high-energy physics laboratory in 1989. While it had many scientific and research oriented uses, it was not until the ‘web browser,’ Mosaic, was released in 1992 that the Web began to draw much widespread attention. The use of a browser allowed the computer to translate the esoteric UNIX-based commands into a graphical representation. This allowed for home use of technology and information that was previously limited to academics and the scientific community  according to Brauch & Patt, (1996)  President Bill Clinton has identified as a priority the connection of every school in the United States to the National Information Infrastructure (NII) which includes connection to the Internet by the year 2000 Glenna, (1996)..

Electronic messaging system using API is a web based information system that provides the functions and features to identify the users or members and provide them with easy, intuitive, and personalized information and services that are of primary relevance and interests to them using application program interface (API). (2010). It uses standardized communications protocol to allow fixed line or mobile phone devices to exchange information using application program interface.

One of the goals of educators and administrators is to have access to technologies that provide for the maintenance, reporting, and analysis of student and administrative data goal which involves administrative services. The strategies to accomplish this goal include the adoption of a comprehensive, standardized software package to support student and administrative data management, analysis, and reporting. Pursuing high standards of technology in education, If administrators are effectively going to lead their schools into the 21st century, they must be technologically inclined through the use of modern information delivery system. 

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Poor information dissemination has made students to suffered setbacks. Dispatching of information to students and staffs of the University of Port Harcourt concerning meetings and other academic activities to the students and academic and non academic staffs has raised many questions among the students and staffs due to the administrative units due to the use of letter writing to the concerns which limit the students from getting the necessary information because not all the students uses internet enabled devices.

The need for electronic messaging system using API requires attention to address the urgent needs of the students and staffs for accurate information from the institution directly to their mobile phones of all kinds either connected to the internet or not. 

Regards for the demands of efficiency and professionalism in information dissemination within the institution which needs a great attention especially this information age where every student moves around with mobile phones of all kinds. Due to challenges we propose an electronic messaging system using Application program interface for the University of Port Harcourt.


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